1. Gathering for Young NUS Faculties & Mindef

    Event Date: Apr 25th 2014 , Friday

    The Centre for Protective Technology (CPT) was established in 1998 jointly by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) to foster research and be a national asset in aspects of protective technology. Over the years, CPT has been seeing a sustained flow of projects from MINDEF, DSTA and, more recently, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). MINDEF’s and DSTA’s current research interests encompass the following broad areas and sub-domains:

    (1) Protective materials:

    • Dynamic behavior of materials, especially in relation to impact and blast resistance;
    • Possible use of nanomaterials in against dynamic loads;
    • Possible use of non-Newtonian materials in impact and blast resistant designs;
    • Light-weight protective materials.

    (2) Protective structures:

    • Numerical simulation, especially in the use of mesh-free methods for modelling structural disintegration in close-in blast scenarios;
    • Light-weight blast- and fragmentation-resistant door systems.

    (3) Protective engineering:

    • Shock testing, protection and mitigation systems for mechanical and electrical equipment;
    • Fire protection;
    • Chemical dispersion modelling and prediction, and indoor air quality issues;
    • Weapon effects on rock and infrastructure as well as M&E systems in rock; including rock behavior and damage, underground opening protection and shock isolation;
    • Condition monitoring devices for augmenting reliability of M&E systems.

    (4) Rock engineering:

    • Rock joint mapping technology and sensors;
    • Technologies for improved design, construction and maintenance in rock.

    (5) Human aspects of protective engineering:

    • Human infiltration behavior and modelling.

    (6) Pavement engineering:

    • Damage monitoring and assessment systems for pavement, especially for cracks and craters.

    Novel Automobile Barrier Challenge 2010

    Start Date: Sep 3rd 2010 , Friday

    End Date: Mar 29th 2011 , Tuesday

    Organizers: Centre for Protective Technology, NUS & Office of Chief Science Technology Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs

    Opening ceremony: 3 Sept 2010

    Closing & Prize presentation: 29 Mar 2011

    Guest of Honor: Mr K.Shanmugam, Ministry of home Affairs & Minister of Law

    Objective: To generate promising Novel Automobile Barrier concepts and designs that have the potential to be developed into operation systems to help augment MHA’s security operations.


    Event 1Event photo 2



    Certificate of participation was given to all participants who took part in the challenge.
    The main prizes and teams as follows:

    1st Prize ($8,000) – CORO (National University of Singapore)

    2nd Prize ($5000) – Killshot (Singapore Polytechnic)

    3rd Prize ($2000) – A for Attack (Nanyang Technological University)

    Special Mention – Impedimentum (Republic Polytechnic)

    Best Booth Prize ($500) – CORO (NUS)

  2. Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort - Understanding and overcoming the challenges in the structural design

    Event Date: Mar 16th 2012 , Friday

    Speaker: Mr. Wijaya Wong, Senior Associate Engineer, Arup Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore

    The Use of Realistic Simulation to Address Design Challenges in Defense and Shipbuilding

    Event Date: Apr 7th 2011 , Thursday

    Speaker: Johnathan Arata, Ph.D, PE – Principal Solutions Engineer – Defense and Shipbuilding, SIMULIA

    Blast Effects and Mitigation

    Event Date: Nov 10th 2009 , Tuesday

    Speaker: Prof Priyan Mendis The University of Melbourne, Australia

    Advances in Lightweight, Deployable and Steel Composite Structures

    Event Date: Mar 5th 2009 , Thursday

    Speakers: KK Vu, Phyo Khant, Zheng Min, Lee Siew Chin, Kang Kok Wei, Li Ya, K M A Sohel, Dai Xuexin, Wang Tongyun, Xiong Dexin, Ma Chenyin, Xiong Mingxiang, Yan Jiabao

  3. Hosted Delegation from Tianjin Chengjian University

    Event Date: Mar 29th 2016 , Tuesday

    Prof Zhang Min-Hong (CPT Director) and Prof Richard Liew (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) hosted a visit by a Delegation from Tianjin Chengjian University on 29 Mar 2016 to discuss potential collaboration. The delegation was led by Professor Li Zhongxian - President of Tianjin Chengjian University – with 4 members including Prof Zhao Jian (Dean of School of Control and Mechanical Engineering), Prof Zhao Rui-Bin (Dean of School of Civil Engineering), Prof Guo Jian-Bo (Vice Dean of School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering), and Mr Wang Li (Section Chief of International Cooperation Office).

    USAF visitation - CPT & Impact Laboratory, Mechanical Department

    Event Date: Oct 15th 2014 , Wednesday

    MINDEF hosted a foreign delegate during the week of 13th October 2014. He is Mr Joe Sciabica, who is  the Director of US Air Force Civil Engineering Center (US AFCEC). He was in town to receive the “Singapore Defence Technology Distinguished Fellowship” from Minister for Defence. He had an interest to understand more about the local R&D environment and the objective of this visit was to share with him the R&D efforts that has applications to airbase developments. The USAF visitors toured the Impact Mechanics Lab and witnessed a test that is currently ongoing under the HPC project. The visit lasted for an hour.


    Prof. Werner Riedel

    Event Date: Feb 22nd 2012 , Wednesday

    Deputy Head, Department of Safety Technology and Protective Structures
    Ernst-Mach-Institute, Germany

    Prof. Theodor Krauthammer

    Event Date: Nov 16th 2011 , Wednesday

    Director, The Center for Infrastructure Protection and Physical Security (CIPPS)
    University of Florida, U.S.A.

    Prof. Werner Riedel & Mr Oliver Millon

    Event Date: Jul 29th 2011 , Friday

    Ernst-Mach-Institute, Germany

    Mr Michael Swisdak , USA (visitor invited by MINDEF)

    Event Date: Feb 16th 2011 , Wednesday

    Technical Support Working Group

    Event Date: Jan 18th 2011 , Tuesday

    U.S.A. National Interagency Research and Development Program for Combating Terrorism Requirements