Centre for Protective Technology

The Centre for Protective Technology (CPT) was established in September 1998 through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between MINDEF and NUS. This MOU has since been renewed twice, the last time in September 2008. Since its establishment in 1998, CPT has seen its own research capabilities developed from materials and systems investigation and calibration to materials and systems development.

Protective Technology Includes:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Survival Systems
  • Protective Structures
  • Explosive Storage Safety
  • Protection Against Biochemical Threats
  • Multi-hazard Loads Effects on Building Systems and Mitigation Measures

Our Mission

The mission of the Centre is to spearhead research efforts in developing advanced Protective Technology, provide scientific and engineering solutions to meet the national needs in weapons and defence systems and address emerging national challenges in the field of Protective Technology.